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Item SKU: AP430SS Manufacturer SKU: AP43011 Cuno Aqua Pure AP430SS Water Heater Filtration System
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Cuno Aqua Pure Water Heater Filtration System

Hot water heater scale and corrosion inhibitor system. Prolongs the life of hot water heater and plumbing fixtures by minimizing effects of corrosion and mineral scale deposits.

  • 3/4" inlet/outlet

  • Installs BEFORE the hot water heater in order to filter the water before it reaches the hot water heater. This helps prevent damage to the hot water heater from scale build-up.

  • Increases the efficiency of hot water systems so they run cleaner

  • Scale inhibitor filter for ALL the hot water lines

  • Scale inhibitor engineered to dose evenly for 9 months

  • Easy to tell when to change filter. Shine flashlight through it or remove and shake to see if any Siliphos is left. Siliphos is a 100% pure food grade scale inhibitor approved by the USDA.

  • Replacement cartridge AP430/AP431

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